About The Artist

The Artworld is a crazy place..
And there seems to be no limit as to what the next renaissance masterpiece will fetch!
The same collector mayhem transpires in the auto world, with top examples of our favorite cars going for millions of dollars. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Danny Whitfield brought his vision of art and cars to the forefront and has been the crucial artist in making automobile art a respected form in the industry. He has a magical talent to bring out the beauty of a vehicle and expression vividly onto canvas. Danny draws, paint, and does many varieties of art from scenic, architectural, to portraits. Nevertheless, his affinity for vehicles is his first love. Believe it or not, he started drawing at age five. After attending The Center of Creative College in Detroit and Macomb County College in Michigan his affinity for the
automobile led him to a career with Ford, General Motors, and other design manufacturers.

Although he enjoyed creating fine art pieces, the art public didn't appear to embrace him with open arms, initially. The industry for the most part hadn't expanded its vision yet to see this type of artistry as a valid genre. Since then, and determined not to be held back, Whitfield continued to do his fine art pieces and broadened his efforts to have the automotive art genre be more greatly accepted. As a result, he is seen as a key artist in moving this art scene forward. His work has been featured as wall hangings, posters, published in magazines, car designs, and highlighted throughout the world.

Automotive Art has taken on a new meaning and identity.. No longer perceived or dismissed as cartoonist commercial art, automotive art has earned its legitimate position in the world of fine art right next to Norman Rockwell and Pablo Picasso. Dannys passion for the automobile is the highest among the most hardcore car aficionados and is perceived as a modern-day Michelangelo. Giving us art in our time that future generations will view in residences, galleries, car shows, and museums. The excitement in his artwork will make deep internal connections to future generations of the automotive world.

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